Jason Kidd Signs Up With Chinese Shoe Company

We all knew the U.S. Men’s Basketball Team enjoyed its stay in China. Their enthusiastic post-medal celebration gave that much away. But who knew Jason Kidd enjoyed his time this much?

The aging U.S. point guard — now fully entering the twilight of his career — has waved goodbye to American shoe companies. Instead, he’ll endorse Chinese shoe company Peak, which is presumably paying him an incredibly large sum to land a name of his stature.


Before making his trip back to the U.S. after the Beijing Games, Kidd announced he will wear shoes made by Peak, a Chinese company, and ditch Nike. The timing on Kidd’s departure is interesting, because the market in the U.S. has been flooded recently with many of his old retro classics. Kidd also spent a brief time sporting Jordans in his career.

Indeed, the timing is fortuitous, not only because of the U.S. market but because Kidd, like so many other American basketball players, is now a household name in China. Those Peak sneaks may be bland, but as long as the operating costs are low, the Kidd name should be enough to deliver the company a nice profit.

Of course, they’re no Starburys. But what is?