Nets Star Kidd Expecting New Kid From Girlfriend

The NEW YORK POST’S PAGE SIX delivers news that Jason Kidd is expecting another kid:

Jason Kidd bike

A year after telling wife Joumana to hit the road (instead of hitting him), the New Jersey Nets star has successfully planted his seed in girlfriend Hope Dworaczyk. The announcement came during a Sunday night dinner with Hope, Jason and the grandparents-to-be.

But who is this Ms. Dworaczyk?

First off, here’s her myspace page (who puts their full name up - or is it a fake?):

Hope Dworaczyk

Apparently, she was once elected Miss South Texas Co-ed Junior Teen, according to these congratulations from her grandparents (you’ll have to scroll down, or do a ‘dw’ search on the page). And now she’d had the honor of getting knocked up by a NBA player. Hope’s come a long way.

Soon after the conception, one source noted, “Since Hope started showing, she has stopped sitting courtside.”

Jason Kidd Mustache

And we though it was to hide from the sight of this.

But with the new announcement, maybe Kidd will settle down and stop sowing his wild oats.