Kendall Helps Brew Crewman Get Rizzuto Tattoo

Brewers director of media relations Mike Vassallo was a great admirer of Phil Rizzuto. The late New York Yankee hall of famer hired Vassallo as his personal assistant back in 1995, and soon helped Mike score his first “real” job in baseball as a member of the Yanks’ media relations.

Jason Kendall Phil Rizzuto

(Phil Rizzuto tips his cap to Jason Kendall)

And now Vassallo proudly wears a badge of honor on his upper arm - a tattoo of Rizzuto’s retired number 10. And it’s all thanks to Jason Kendall.

The MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL needles us on how Vassallo obtained his new body artwork. During the Brew Crew’s current visit to Pittsburgh, Kendall had flown in a tattoo artist from Los Angeles to do the decorative deed on the Phil-o-phile.

The inked-up result features a design “the same as Rizzuto’s retired number with the pinstripes in the background, as displayed in Monument Park at Yankee Stadium.”

That was a cool gesture by Jason. Maybe Kendall can now get the same tattooist to stick some pitching prowess back into Eric Gagne’s arm.

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