Jason Kapono Can\’t Find NBA Love

KAPONO SHOT BLANKS AT LAS VEGAS ALL-STAR HOT SPOTS: Jason Kapono, the Heat hotshot who won the All-Star weekend’s 3-point shootout, tells the CHICAGO TRIBUNE that he didn’t have much luck at the LV clubs, and even Heat teammate Alonzo Mourning forgot to put him on guest lists for the Vegas shindigs that took place last weekend.

Jason Kapono Miami Heat Photos

“No one invites me to any parties. Even [Mourning]. He’s having a billiards thing in Vegas, and I never got anything, He doesn’t even know who I am, and I’m on his team.”

Perhaps one of Kapono’s problems is he shaved off the (unfortunate) beard that he wore as a member of the Charlotte Bobcats.

Jason Kapono has no tattoos

More likely, the last line of his “personal” data reveals the probable reason for his lack of juice: Has no tattoos.