Jason Elam Saving America From Terrorists Again

Jason Elam kicks up yet another thrilling pro football player-turned-special ops agent fighting terrorists and saving America novelization.

Jason Elam Falcons

It’s already sold 43 copies!

• The Boston Celtics reach 18 in a row. They must be pretty good.

• WWJD? He wouldn’t tap out, that’s for sure! And now you can wear the shirt that proves it. Buy it, or go to hell!

• A jerk at Gillette did what none of the Cardinals could do on Sunday - bring down a Patriot player.

• Canadian sportscastress Nikki Reyes says what we’re all thinking: There’s nothing wrong with a little eye candy covering our athletic events.

• A very tough break for this Southern Miss wide receiver.

• Ring in the New Year buy acquiring your own championship jewelry from some athletes down on their financial luck.

• A middle school football peon gets peed on by his so-called teammates.

• And the winner of today’s bellowing Brandon Jacobs caption contest is…

Brandon Jacobs NY Giants

Anonymous, who couldn’t bring him or herself to admit to submitting this:

Hey Ray watch this…..

now can i be in your commercial?

Thanks for playing. New contest comes screaming your way tomorrow.