Jason Caffey Doesn’t Want To Pay Child Support

Desperate times call for desperate measures. And, as Jason Caffey would have you know, there’s no more desperate time than trying to make monthly child support payments for 10 children with 8 different mothers. So it’s not surprising that Caffey has been caught performing some nefarious financial dealings to avoid making those payments.

Jason Caffey

The basics of it are this: Caffey filed for bankruptcy a year ago because his $1.9 million in debts (yikes!) surpassed his $1.15 million in assets. His latest filing shows that Caffey took $120,000 from a trust fund set up for two of his children (who live in hurricane-ravaged New Orleans, no less!) and dumped the money in his own mom’s account, which is apparently a big no-no.

Since this is all making our brain hurt, let’s let the PRESS-REGISTER take over:

Caffey told the Press-Register in August that he had withdrawn money from the trust fund but said that he had the right to do so, which [the mother, Nikki] Brown disputes. “He took that money. It was an irrevocable education trust,” said Brown, a makeup artist who works in the film industry.

“Irrevocable in and of itself means you can’t take it out.” Brown noted the fact that money from the trust went to Caffey’s mother. “Why didn’t he want to put it in his account if there was nothing wrong with it?” she said.

Penny Douglass Furr, a lawyer who represents a Georgia woman to whom Caffey owes child support, said she still favors selling off all of Caffey’s property. She criticized him for conducting financial transactions while he was in bankruptcy and then failing to report them. “When you get money from anywhere during bankruptcy, you’re supposed to report it to the bankruptcy court,” she said.

Again, it’s hard to make complete sense of what’s going on here (at least for us, but we’re not very intelligent), but the gist of it this: Jason Caffey doesn’t love his children. More importantly, this story should serve as yet another warning to all of our readers out there: Please, practice safe sex.