Jared Allen’s Girlfriend Isn’t Too Fond Of Cameras

Here’s some recent video of Jared Allen at the Mall of America, shot by C.J., gossip columnist for the MINNEAPOLIS STAR-TRIBUNE.

Jared Allen's Girlfriend Video

C.J. narration: “(I’m) at the Mall of America with Jared Allen, a walking entertainment industry whether he’s shooting video for his colorful FSN segment or chewing me out for shooting video of his girlfriend who doesn’t like being photographed.

Most of the video is of Allen shooting a television segment, but C.J. also gets in some shots of Allen’s apparently camera-shy girlfriend.

C.J. mentions that Allen “chewed her out” about shooting video of his girlfriend, but that didn’t make the tape. Instead we get Allen coming over to C.J. at the end of the vid, trying to patch things up. Allen said, “Hey, I didn’t mean to jump you back there, it’s just … .”

Allen’s comments are cutoff, with the rest of the conversation teased for C.J.’s next piece in the Star-Tribune.

Allen’s girlfriend is a woman named Jordan Parrish. From various profiles of Allen, we learn that he met her either in Arizona or Las Vegas in the summer of 2007 and that she was 21 at the time. Parrish was most prominently mentioned in a 2007 ESPN.com piece by Elizabeth Merrill:

He met his girlfriend, Jordan Parrish, at a bar this summer in Arizona. She was the only other one who wasn’t drinking. Maybe it was fate — Parrish was her friends’ designated driver that night.

She didn’t know he was a football player, and wasn’t sure it was safe until her dad Googled Allen’s name. Allen seemed to like that, the anonymity of it all. She wasn’t interested in him because he played football. He asked if she’d fly to California with him to attend Tony Gonzalez’s wedding the next day. She said no. Allen liked that, too.

“It is the chase,” Allen says. “But I also like the fact that she wasn’t drinking. So I’m like, ‘OK, this isn’t some drunk Arizona skank.’ So that was cool. And she didn’t fall for any of the [cheesy] things that I was saying.

“I haven’t had a girlfriend in years. I wasn’t at a point in my life to have a girlfriend. Hell, I didn’t think she was going to be my girlfriend. It’s the ones you don’t expect.”

Allen and Parrish are certainly a study in contradication. He’s the outgoing crazy man and she’s the camera-shy introvert. It’s going to be tough for Allen to keep Parrish out of the public eye if he continues to do as much media as he does. That’s how celebrity works, especially when you seek it out.

That doesn’t mean Allen doesn’t deserve complete privacy, he does. It’s just the way it is.