Jared Allen To Vikings; Herschel Trade Part Deux?

Jared Allen is copping out of Kansas City and making Minnesota his new home, as Jay Glazer of FOX SPORTS reports that the defensive end has signed with the Vikings.

Jared Allen Chiefs Vikings

(“Which way to the Metrodome?”)

The Pro Bowler agreed to a 6-year deal worth about $74 million, making him the highest paid defensive player in NFL history (until the next league signing). Of his new monetary earnings, $31,000,069 is guaranteed. Why the extra $69? That’s Jared’s uniform number. How cute.

With the deal, the Vikes have shored up some much needed defensive help. However, looking at the trade specifics, it could be the Herschel Walker disaster all over again.

The Vikings will give up their 2008 first-round draft pick as well as two third-rounders, and the teams will swap sixth-round picks … The move means the Chiefs will have two first-round picks and a slew of additional selections over the course of the draft, a solid sign for a team in rebuilding mode.

Herschel Walker Vikings

(And the Vikings franchise dies!)

Well, the Dallas Cowboys were able to rebuild back into Super Bowl winners after shipping Walker to the Twin Cities. So, as Jared jumps to the Vikes, could the new slew of draft picks soon send the Vince Lombardi trophy right into the hands of K.C. GM Carl Peterson?


On a positive note, at least Allen’s departure won’t have a big effect on the Chiefs’ diorama at the K.C. International Airport.