Jared Allen On Ravens Lineman: “He’s an Idiot”

After Minnesota escaped with a 33-31 win over Baltimore yesterday, Ravens rookie Tackle Michael Oher said this to the BALTIMORE SUN about his opposite in the game, maniacal Vikings Defensive End Jared Allen: “There is nothing really special about him … I think he found out I’m an OK player. Guy makes like $100 million. I think I did all right.

Jay Glazer After Party Foxsports.com With Jared Allen Dissing Michael Oher

For the game against Oher, Allen registered a sack and six tackles, but the Ravens rung up 448 total yards, including 385 by quarterback Joe Flacco, on 28-43 passing. So I suppose Oher’s reaction was somewhat understandable - especially considering all the pass attempts by the Ravens.

Is Jared Allen Jay Glazer's stoolie in the Vikings Lockerroom?

Interestingly enough though, on Jay Glazer’s After Party @ Foxsports.com this morning, Allen’s own view wasn’t too congruent with my well-measured assessment.

I know. Stunning.

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“Well that’s just some idiot trying to talk himself up,” Allen said. “I beat that dude like a red-headed step child, let’s be honest. If he was so good why did they have to chip me all day? Ask him that.

That’s just a rookie trying to build his self confidence up. Besides, you lost and your quarterback spent his whole day on the back of his head until the fourth quarter. That guy [Oher] will watch film today and realize. Everybody else in the world saw me abuse him.”

 Doubt Oher will be doing that again, if his teammates have anything to do with it.