Jared Allen Crushes Departing Chiefs GM On Air

There have been plenty of messy divorces between star players and team front offices across the NFL in recent years. Think about it: Terrell Owens and the 49ers, Willis Magahee and the Bills, Terrell Owens and the Eagles, Randy Moss and the Vikings, Keyshawn Johnson and the Buccaneers, Terrell Owens and his sanity, Randy Moss and the Raiders, Terrell Owens and his PR agent and, well, you get the point. It’s possible that none of those splits have been as messy or acrimonious as the one between all-everything defensive end Jared Allen and the Kansas City Chiefs, whose general manager, Carl Peterson, resigned amidst a dismal season on Monday. Well, Allen wasted no time in attacking his former employer, claiming that Peterson’s own bad karma had finally come back to haunt him during an appearance on The Monty Show on SPORTING NEWS RADIO. You can check out the audio right here: Jared Allen Attacks Carl Peterson

peterson punched from kansas city sports

(Evidently Allen was channeling KANSAS CITY SPORTS.)

In case you didn’t catch all of that, here’s exactly what Allen said about Peterson:

Tim Montemayor: “What are your thoughts about Carl Peterson leaving the Chiefs organization?”
Jared Allen: “(laughing) Later!”
TM: “Come on, is there no love loss there?”
JA: “Absolutely not, you know what I’m saying? I believe in karma. Good things happen to good people. I’ll leave it at that.”

Ouch. Oh, but he didn’t stop there. It turns out Mr. Allen had plenty to get off his chest.

See, not only is Allen sick of waiting for Carl Peterson to get his comeuppance, he’s also tired of being called a dirty player. Let’s let him speak for himself: Jared Allen On Being A Dirty Player

Jared Allen Celebrates

Again, in case you missed it, here’s exactly what Mr. Allen had to say:

“I hope my reputation proves that I play hard. I’m gonna play hard, I’m going to play tough and that’s what I do. I’m going to play to represent the style of football that this game was built on and that’s old school, tough football. I’m not going to take an unnecessary shot at somebody … I’m not going to do that because I respect everybody who plays this game, I respect the people before me in this game and who am I to dictate or lessen someone’s season? For me, I hope I don’t come off as a cheap player, I hope everybody knows that I’m a hard player.”

OK, fair enough. But how can he explain his absolutely polemic reaction to being chop blocked by Detroit’s Gosder Cherilus in Week 14? Wouldn’t that be undercut by his own “get to the quarterback at all costs” maneuvers?

Naturally, he talked about that, too: Jared Allen Addresses Week 14 Low Hit By Detroit’s Gosder Cherilus

jared allen vikings clap

So, Allen didn’t want to be held back? Really? Is he asking for a fat NFL fine?

“I guess everybody’s telling me I should thank Ray Edwards for holding me back. I wish nobody would have held me back and we could have settled this thing right then and there.”

No gray area there. Look, maybe we’re reading this all wrong, but it sure seems like Allen is heading for some serious disciplinary action. He’s already had one meeting with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell this year, so another one would almost certainly bring a suspension. That’s absolutely the last thing the Vikings need, particularly with Pat Williams out for the rest of the year, all while fellow defensive lineman Kevin Williams has to wait out week-by-week reprieves. That’s not a good combination for Minnesota, which relies on its pash rush and run defense to steer a ship that truly seems headed for a playoff berth and likely NFC North title.

Look, we’re not saying that Allen needs to tone down his play. Quite the contrary. What Allen did in the Vikings’ win against Green Bay at the Metrodome earlier this year was spectacular. He almost singlehandedly won the Vikings a key divisional game, and he’s a defensive player! That’s crazy.

Unfortunately, it’s starting to look more and more like Allen’s a bit crazy himself, and that he may need a little bit of anger therapy. Or a lot of anger therapy. Either way, if he doesn’t shut up soon, he’ll have plenty of time to mull over changing his lifestyle while sitting out a potential suspension.

There’s a fine line between abject madness and the cutting edge of physical performance, and Allen is walking right on top of it. The problem is that every time he opens his mouth, he’s putting himself at serious risk of falling off the rails altogether.