Japanese Snowboarder Sex Worker Miami Dolphin Arrested

• MAINICHI DAILY NEWS spots a career going downhill, as a Japanese champion snowboarder has allegedly changed paths from one of the world’s newest sports to the world’s oldest profession:

Snowboader Sex Worker

• BLOWN COVERAGE informs us today’s NFL player arrest comes courtesy of Fred Evans of the Miami Dolphins.

• SONS OF SAM MALONE tunes in and hears an Alabama sports reporter getting fired live over the air:

Alabama Trump

• Speaking of Alabammy, LOSER WITH SOCKS rolls on the crimson trail in search of the Tuscaloosa Tree Killer.

• SHAKEDOWN SPORTS selects what each NBA team really needs in their 2007 Mock Draft:

Paris Hilton Joakim Noah Hillary Clinton

• Thanks to three national championships in 12 months, the gator-skin wallet of Florida AD Jeremy Foley will be getting a little fatter.

• PATRICK’S BLAWG notices ESPN is flirting more with sex appeal to sell their sports - and they don’t mind at all:

Erin Andrews

• BARRY MELROSE ROCKS is shocked that an NHL player would be drafted just because he’s Canadian.