Jamie McCourt Considered Run For Presidency?

The haggle for ownership of the Dodgers between Frank and Jamie McCourt began today during their divorce proceeding in a Los Angeles courtroom.

Frank McCourt Tommy Lasorda Jamie McCourt

(Funny, had her pegged for Secretary of Grate)

At issue is a document signed by the couple in 2004 that Frank claims gave him full ownership control of the Dodgers and Jamie ownership of the couple’s homes. Meanwhile Jamie claims that she never signed anything that would allow Frank to cut her out of an ownership interest in the team.

The next week a judge will hear arguments from both sides on the subject as Frank’s lawyers claim Jamie knew what she was signing while Jamie’s attorneys claim Frank actually switched out a page in the document to screw her out of the team.

Much more interesting though are some of the bizarro details of the lifestyle and largesse enjoyed by the couple -at the direct expense of Dodger fans.

On day one of the trial, one such delightful moment broke out when Frank’s attorney Steve Susman claimed why Jamie allegedly wanted to go back on her promise not to own a piece of the Dodgers:

Jamie McCourt wanted to “renege” on an agreement that made the Dodgers her husband’s personal property because that would have limited her effectiveness to pursue potential runs for public office, perhaps for mayor of Los Angeles, governor of California or president of the United States.

“She realized she needed the Dodgers as her platform to accomplish this,” Steve Susman, Frank McCourt’s attorney, said in closing arguments in the couple’s divorce trial Monday in Los Angeles Superior Court.

Susman said Jamie had not contested the 2004 agreement until Frank started to balk at putting the couple’s eighth home in her name — she had enough of a nest egg with seven homes, Susman said — and by preparing a grant that would transfer ownership of the Dodgers to the couple’s sons but not to Jamie.

If you’ve read this site over the years, you knew that Jamie wanted to run for office. But I never knew just how off the deep end she really was with her political aspirations.

It’s also worth noting that the McCourts purchased those eight homes from a $120 million tax-free loan collateralized against future Dodger ticket sales. The 2004 document Jamie allegedly signed was to give her ownership of those properties in case the Dodgers collapsed financially - so the homes were shielded from creditors.

In other words, if the business of the Dodgers failed, the McCourts would still be in possession of eight homes that were paid for with money derived from the Dodgers.

If for some reason you’re still wondering why the Dodgers have a smaller payroll than the Minnesota Twins, wonder no more.