Jamie Foxx to Find the Secrets of Bengals And Patriots Success on Monday Night Football

FOXX FEATURED IN MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL PRE-GAME: Jamie Foxx will tackle a new role in order to entertain the Monday Night masses this evening:

Jamie Foxx coach

CINCY JUNGLE snoops around to tell us that ESPN has a special opening tease planned for tonight’s “Monday Night Football” telecast.

The Worldwide Leader will kick off the fun with a filmed featurette, featuring Foxx as a FBI agent who infiltrates a secure facility to “uncover the secrets behind the Patriots and Bengals’ explosive offenses.”

Well, for Bill Belichick, you just have to roll the tape. As for Marvin Lewis & friends slumping along with a 1-2 record, Foxx will definitely have to dig a little deeper.

Bruce Springsteen Matchbox 20

If that isn’t enough to keep you on the couch, new music treats from Bruce Springsteen and Matchbox Twenty will be sprinkled throughout the show during game highlights and commercial breaks.

And what, pray tell, is wrong with the good ol’ Monday Night Football Theme?