‘James Family Representatives’ Release Closet Vid

WFAA-TV in Dallas reports late Wednesday:

Adam James Video Of Electrical Closet

“This video link was given to WFAA.com by representatives of the James familiy. We have found that it is Adam James in a electrical closet, but we do not know if it was during a practice.”

The video - and the exact circumstances of the release of the clip link to a Dallas television station - causes the mind to run wild.

What really matters isn’t if that’s Adam in the video. It clearly is. More important is who leaked it to Dallas TV station, and what other brilliant ideas do they have? Ideas that could possibly harm Tech’s case in a future legal proceeding versus Leach. This video, in my opinion, does absolutely nothing to help it.

Knowing what I know about how ESPN operates, I have a feeling this new development may find ESPN corporate soon offering James its legal expertise. (I have now emailed ESPN about that possibility.)

I’m not implying that the James family has done anything wrong, but this whole thing now seems to be getting out of hand. And if a James family lawyer is the person who leaked the video to WFAA, it might be time for Craig James to consider new counsel.

For those who find the difference between Adam James’ “electrical closet” and Mike Leach’s “media room” interesting, I don’t think the apparent difference is all that material to a forthcoming legal proceeding. We won’t know that until there is a thorough investigation of exactly where James was confined.

As Adam and Craig James helped push Mike Leach out the door, public relations battles through the media aren’t going to help them at this point. Only introduce more scorn.

Tech fans are now sufficiently enraged. This video only makes it worse.