JaMarcus Russell In Loss: “I did a pretty good job”

Sunday in San Diego, the Chargers beat the Raiders for the 13th straight time, a bitter pill for the legions of SoCal Raider fans who made the annual journey south from (East) Los Angeles.

Jamarcus Russell

(NFL apparently is like Vegas to J-Russ and Cable: A game of “chance”)

With the lossthe Raiders dropped to 2-6, their playoff hopes out the window.

But despite Sunday’s result and the season’s circumstances, JaMarcus Russell wasn’t displeased with himself after the Charger loss. Nor was his coach.

Russell: “I did a pretty good job. When it all boils down to it, you had a chance at the end to try and win. Didn’t do too much damage with the interception. No matter what happened, I think we came out and fought despite the score and just kept pushing and just came out short in the end.

With that kind of reax, Russell must’ve put up some serious numbers in defeat, right?

Turns out he completed 14 of 22 passes for 109 yards, with no touchdowns, one interception and one fumble. Only two of Russell’s 14 completions went to wide receivers. As PFT’s Michael David Smith notes, wasn’t one of Russell’s strengths the ability to throw the deep ball?

His team had one offensive touchdown, Russell threw for 100 yards and a pick and the Raiders lost for the 13th straight time against a division rival. And Russell calls his performance a “pretty good job.

But before you pile on Russell too much for his oblivious attitude, here’s Raider coach Tom Cable’s assessment: “I thought he did some really good things that way today. Very much seemed to be in control today. A couple of throws he’d probably like to have over again but for the most part he gave us a chance to win today and that’s what you ask your quarterback to do.

Well it’s good to know that both coach and player are on the same page when it comes to what the goal of every game is. Cable and Russell concur that for the Raiders, it is all about having a “chance to win.” For the other 31 teams in the NFL, delete “chance to.”

Oh, sorry, make that 30 teams.