Jake The Snake Roberts False Teeth Fly Out During Match Then Tells Fans To Always Brush

JAKE THE SNAKE’S “FLYING” FALSE TEETH FAKE OUT JESUS: I’ve got good news and bad news about Jake “The Snake” Roberts’ wrestling career.

Christian Wrestling Alliance

First, the good news: The ORANGEBURG (SC) TIMES-DEMOCRAT reports “Christian Wrestling Alliance Pro Wrestling has signed wrestling legend Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts to a multi-match contract. Roberts will be appearing for CWA in its April 14 show in Orangeburg.

Jake The Snake Roberts Fake Teeth Explode

Now the bad news: Prowrestling.com reports “Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts had his false teeth come out of his mouth during a recent wrestling match with Casey Thompson at an indie show on 3/3 in Davie, Florida.

Jake The Snake Roberts Has One Tooth

In regards to his teeth, Thompson delivered a forearm to Roberts while he was tied up on the ropes and his false teeth flew out of his mouth. The ref then kicked the teeth to the corner so that they wouldn’t get stepped on. A security guard then grabbed them and gave them to Roberts.

Jake The Snake Doesnt Brush His Teeth

After the show, Roberts told people at his gimmick table to always brush their teeth so that they don’t lose them when they get older.

I’ve looked and looked for footage of the unfortunate proceedings, and have now pretty much given up.

Warner Wolf Loses His Teeth

But I will continue to monitor the most-watched TV sportscasters, like New York’s sports TV legend Warner Wolf, who certainly could provide some insight into Jake’s fluoride-impaired episode.