Blog-Rainbow-Rama: Jake Long Is Looking Pretty

• DEADSPIN wants the Miami Dolphins to know what a colorful character they’ll be getting in potential 1st pick Jake Long.

Jake Long in drag

(Jake Long (r) feels pretty, oh so pretty)

• WITH LEATHER tickles their furry funny bone with these mascot bloopers.

• RANDBALL reveals that reading Tonya Harding’s website is as painful as a whack to the knee with a lead pipe.

• 100% INJURY RATE comes across some Republican speaker calling out Tiger Woods for some reason.

• THE SEATTLE TIMES finds one super-sized Sonics doing his best Michael Moore in trying to track down former team owner Howard Schultz in “Howard and Me“.

• JOE SPORTS FAN learns the naked truth that cricketers don’t care much for streakers.

• SPORTS ILLUSTRATED quietly notes that the returning Gilbert Arenas has been awfully silent the past few days, even on his blog.

• How ugly were the Olympic torch protests France? Protesters even attacked one torchbearer confined to a wheelchair.