Jailed Woman Won’t Leave Michael Jordan Alone

When you’re as famous as Michael Jordan, and as, ahem, prolific with your female counterparts, you’re bound to run into some crazy. It’s the law of skeezer averages. If you take home five unscrupulous women, one of them is bound to follow you and harass you as long as you live, and probably longer than that.

Still, this particular level of crazy is startling: A Pennsylvania woman is being held in contempt by a judge because she hasn’t satisfactorily promised that she’ll leave MJ alone once she leaves jail.


A Crawford County judge barred 35-year-old Lisa Miceli from contacting the former Chicago Bulls star, his family r his representatives. But the judge who jailed Miceli last week says a letter she wrote promising to comply wasn’t good enough. In an order Thursday, the judge says Miceli will serve all of her two- to six-month contempt sentence unless she writes another letter “that states without question” she will follow the court order.

Jordan sued Miceli this year to enforce a 2005 agreement to stop contacting him after two DNA tests showed he isn’t the boy’s father.

In other words, it’s been proven twice that the woman’s boy isn’t of the Jordan seed, but she won’t quit. I tend to feel bad for women like this — women that have had children thrust onto them by whatever process, even if they’re equally culpable in the situation — it’s a sad thing. But in a popularity contest among this nation’s judges, Off-Her-Rocker Woman No. 1 isn’t going to be quite as popular as the greatest basketball player who ever lived. Such is life.