Jacobson Thinks Media Exaggerated Her Rant?

Michael David Smith of AOL Fanhouse watched Dana Jacobson’s return to ESPN’s morning show “First Take” and reports that she seemed slightly miffed at how her rant was reported. With the emphasis on slightly.

Dana Jacobson

I want to once again say how truly sorry I am for my poor choices and bad judgment,” Jacobson said. “I’ve taken responsibility for what I did say and do, and realize it was wrong. … I have already learned a lot.

Although Jacobson didn’t get into the details of what she said at the roast, the way she emphasized the words “what I did say” seemed to be a subtle suggestion that some of the reports that have come out in the past two weeks overstated exactly what Jacobson said.

We’re not denying that Jacobson’s performance was exaggerated, but since none of us have seen a tape (which has to be out there somewhere) of it, we’ll take her word for it. She was, of course, certainly in the state of mind to remember all that she said and did.

As a last word, we just want to emphasize how strange all this became thanks to ESPN reporting on it like it was a gigantic news story (and then quickly spiking it after the vodka bottle photos were released).

Dana Jacobson Swilling Vodka

If the net had made a private apology to ND, and not reported on it, no one besides a handful of kooks would’ve cared (unless of course, the video hit the web). This really is a case of ESPN overestimating its importance. It’s the same as Neil Everett walking into a bar in any city. People may glance over and recognize him, but they wouldn’t really care (SVP though is another story!). Sorry guys.

And let’s also remember it was a ROAST. For that reason, we do not hold Jacobson accountable for what she said. Much, much worse stuff has come out over the years at celebrity roasts. If you want to call the M&M thing a celebrity roast.

UPDATE: Bob Raissman of the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS reports “ESPN suits have ‘encouraged’ Jacobson to resign.” She’s so far refused.