Jackie Christie and Mate Schedule 13th Wedding

For the 13th straight year, Jackie Christie and Husband will renew their vows of matrimony on July 8th in Seattle at the Space Needle. Christie, the famous television star, author, music executive, and philanthropist, and her husband have brought friends, family, and the media together each year to celebrate their special and highly fortified bond.

Space Needle

(”… and the Space Needle symbolizes what I own in perpetuity…”)

Christie took the occasion to discuss the challenges of HIV-positive people, invited gay and lesbian couples to join them in their ceremony next year, and discussed the unfortunate actions of disgraced NBA referee Tim Donaghy. (It is not clear why Christie spoke about this issue as she has no obvious connection to organized sports.)

Also, the Christies’ daughter, Chani, continues to pursue a music career. We wish them all the best in their travels and hope they can make it back to the lantern in time to charge their Power Wedding Rings before the charge disappears.

Green Lantern