Iverson, Mora, & Namath Get Autotuned (w/ Video)

Sometimes a video comes along that’s so perfect, anything we add to it would be superfluous; the best thing we can do is just stand back and let the magic happen.

Allen Iverson
(We were tempted to photoshop a T-Pain hat onto Allen Iverson, but it would have been a little too esoteric.)

This would be one of those times. KISSING SUZY KOLBER has unearthed an epic remix of some of the most memorable moments in media meltdown history - set to Autotune. Oh, it’s so good. Video’s after the break (and near as we can tell, completely SFW).

Honestly, it ended a little weak (as Terrell Owens‘ seasons so often do), but that’s not to take away from the rest of the video. Jim Mora beatboxing is nothing short of epic, and it’s hard to tell whether Mora or Joe Namath’s meltdown was more “made” for Autotune.

In a way, almost, it’s like these guys’ losses of composure were ahead of their time (and if there’s one assertion we’ve maintained at SbB, it’s that Dennis Green is avant-garde). After all, it wasn’t until now that they could be brought together in a celebration of lost tempers and assertions that man, we talkin’ bout practice.

Practice, man.