Iverson Is Still Talkin Bout Practice, Still Not Going

Allen Iverson was none to pleased about having a Thanksgiving practice scheduled. But he calmly and maturely dealt with it the only way he knows how: he didn’t show.

Allen Iverson

(A rare sighting of the Practicus Aversus in its unnatural habitat.)

Yes, that’s right, we talkin’ bout practice again. It’s ironic because coach Michael Curry called the extra practice specifically because of the trade for Iverson: he’s concerned the team needs more time to gel. But while all but one of the Pistons showed up for the 9 a.m. session, Iverson was gellin’ like a felon, possibly on the couch with a Flintstone-sized drumstick in his hand, watching the Lions game. At least that’s how I like to think it went down.

Iverson will be fined, and will not start tonight’s game against the Bucks. There’s no word from the team on A.I.’s excuse, or if he’s even gotten in touch with the team at all, but I’m going to assume he’s not dead in a ditch somewhere. This isn’t Vince Young. This is practice. What we talkin’ bout? Practice.

“I expected everybody to be here,” said Curry, who did not lash out and spoke in calm, even tones. “I’m surprised when guys are late. I’m surprised when they don’t show. It’s a pretty hefty fine to be late, or to miss.”

Maybe Iverson felt he was entitled to a day off after helping his team beat the Knicks the night before. Hey Allen: that’s not really an accomplishment.

Seen here, Iverson drew some easy laughs from the Detroit press corps by referencing his famous practice rant. Of course, his words about doing anything to help his new team win, including going to practice, ring a little hollow now.

Let’s revisit that first magical press conference, shall we?