Iverson Has No Answer For Sir Charles’ Sourness

Allen Iverson doesn’t know why Charles Barkley doesn’t like him, since A.I. says he likes Chuck.

Charles Barkley Allen Iverson mug shots

USA TODAY chats with the Nuggets star about one of his biggest critics, and he ain’t talkin’ about practice. Barkley has said in the past how he “can’t stand” Iverson, yet Allen says the feeling’s not mutual:

I honestly love Charles. He’s the only reason I watch ‘Inside the NBA’. He’s entertaining and funny. I love him to death, as far as what he does.”

After a recent 51-point game against the Lakers, Iverson was labeled by Sir Charles as “one-dimensional”. But A.I. believes that some of Barkley’s bile may be a case of sour grapes:

I’ve accomplished a lot in this league, just as he did. I’ve come up short on the championship, but I’ve still got an opportunity to win one. He doesn’t. That’s that.”

Ouch. How would Charles feel after hearing that?

A: Turrible.