I’ve never really gotten the mild phenomenon …

I’ve never really gotten the mild phenomenon that is Paintball. Running around rural areas while getting shot by paint pellets always seemed a little strange.

But not nearly as strange as the newest Paintball *innovation*: The Paintball Armored Vehicle.

From specialopspaintball.com: "Built on the chassis of an Israeli fast-attack vehicle, the Razorback makes paintballers run like the devil himself was coming."


DEBONE DEBUNKS: Porn star Dale "DeBone" Rutter denies the story that he was dating Jennifer Capriati. Rutter to tennis-x.com: "Jennifer and I are not dating. We met one time with a group of people and that was it. I can’t believe where these stories come from. If it were just affecting me I really would not care. But this is so not fair to her. I’m sure she is not happy. Can we clear this up. I feel bad for Jennifer."