Ivanovic Stunned In Second Round Of U.S Open

Ana Ivanovic gets bounced from the second round of the U.S. Open by the 188th-ranked player in the world.

Ana Ivanovic FHM

Well, at least Ana is still an alluring eyeful.

• A jerk who jotted down racist emails to Derek Jeter will be jammed into a jail cell for the next four years.

• Guess Beijing wasn’t the only Olympics to have pseudo-realistic ceremonies - isn’t that right, Sydney Symphony Orchestra?

• One Florida Gators running back doesn’t find his sex ed classes all that stimulating.

• Adios, Chad Johnson - Bienvenidos, Chad Ocho Cinco!

• If you ever tell this English rugby star to “get a grip“, better make sure your athletic supporter is fully secured.

Jose Canseco will appear on an upcoming episode of “The Moment of Truth”. To quote Lisa Simpson, “The Fox Network has hit a new low.”

• The new Michael Phelps-less Olympic Wheaties boxes are here!

• A recently called-up Yankees pitcher chooses his uni number to honor his favorite athlete - Dennis Rodman?!?

• What’s it gonna take for Tampa Bay baseball fans to show up & support their AL East-leading Rays?

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