Ivanovic Off The Market, Entwined With Tennis Pro

Some worrisome news to report from the world of women’s tennis. Ana Ivanovic - the sexy Serbian server who secretes such simple sensuality - is single no more, having been snatched up by some Spaniard.

Ana Ivanovic FHM

(Sorry, fellas - no longer available in your area)

MACHOCHIP lobs over word that Ana has taken up with a fellow racketeer by the name of Fernando Verdasco. The 21-year-old Ivanovic says she started seeing her new 24-year-old beau during the U.S. Open, and it just went from there.

Pics of the courtly couple after the jump.

Ana Ivanovic Fernando Verdasco

Here we see the two patiently waiting for a table during a busy night at the Madrid Benihana.

Ana Ivanovic Fernando Verdasco

And here’s Ana enjoying a hearty laugh, as Fernando does his hilarious “You look mahvelous!” routine.

SPORTS YA further turns the screws by adding from Ana: “At present, we are knowing each other and getting adapted to our relationship. He’s a fantastic guy and I’m very happy with him.”

How sweet. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some Ana Ivanovic posters to take down, and some Ashley Harkleroad Playboy pictorials to purchase.