IU AD Falls On Sword After New NCAA Charge

Rick Greenspan probably brought this all on himself — when you hire a coach who’s been busted for recruiting violations before like Kelvin Sampson, you’re going to take the fall if and when he’s accused of violations again.

So now with the NCAA’s recent revealing of a charge against Indiana University for “failing to monitor” the activities of both Sampson and assistant Rob Senderoff regarding phone calls to recruits, Greenspan decided to get out, his resignation effective at the end of the calendar year.

Rick Greenspan motorcycle

(He’ll be riding out of Bloomington with the wind in his hair.)

The INDIANAPOLIS STAR reports that the NCAA infractions committee handed down the charge because:

…IU failed “to provide the extra close oversight and scrutiny of all aspects of the men’s basketball program that was required by the prior infractions record of the former coach.” That refers to Sampson breaking recruiting rules while in his previous job at Oklahoma. Penalties from those violations followed Sampson to IU.

Indiana will be looking for its fifth AD since 2001, and new hoops coach Tom Crean will certainly be wondering what he dug himself into, if he hasn’t already, with only one scholarship player left and the infractions committee likely to impose harsher penalties on the school (IU had already self-imposed some punishment.)

For their part, both Sampson and Senderoff say they did not not know they were breaking rules, and IU’s compliance department shares some of the blame. Really, this is all about the Hoosier program’s reputation more than the charges themselves, which, in a world of boosters, are incredibly dinky.

Regardless, we’d like to be the first to officially welcome the Hoosiers to college basketball’s ground zero.