YES! It’s Time To Pee Your Pants For The Brewers

Like you, I’m pretty damn excited about the Brewers backing into rip-slamming their way into the playoffs this season, though I’m a little bummed we won’t see them in L.A. in the first round.

Pee Your Pants For The Brewers

As you might know by now, there’s another Brewers fan out there who is a little more demonstrative about his love and affection for the team built by Bud & Co.

Brewers Mike” is the proprietor of, and I’m happy to report that he’s already made good on his pledge to do just that - after the club made their postseason appearance official yesterday.

No, I’m not going to post the YouTube video of Brewers Mike bleeding the goose. (He would’ve done it with or without the club’s late season charge?)

Why do I have a feeling that the next time we read about Brewers Mike, he’ll have been cuffed and stuffed off a one-way solo ticket on Air Thailand?