It’s Raining (Too Many) Men (on the Field of Play)

The Sharks, a South African rugby team, slipped an extra man onto the grass for two whole minutes without anyone noticing in their Super 14 match against the Queensland Reds last weekend. The 16th man roamed freely in the Sharks win and made two key tackles. Queensland Reds are protesting now, but you have to catch them in the act, Aussies. So sorry!

Now this is how you catch them in the act:

(Anatomy of a cheater)

The brilliant BALL IN EUROPE spotted ETB Essen trying to secure a promotion to the second division in German basketball by pulling the ol’ Maypole trick on the ref with two seconds left in the game. It’s one thing to sneak a 16th man onto a large field of play; it’s quite another to slip a sixth man back onto a tiny basketball court. Gro├če Hoden, ETB Essen!

All of which, of course, leads to the excellently timed CRACKED article on the “Ballsiest Sports Cheats Ever“. Tonya Harding makes an appearance as well as men competing as women (ballsy!), perfectly fit men pretending to be mentally handicapped, and so many other great attempts that Rosie Ruiz doesn’t even make the list.

So congratulations to all of you that understand performance enhancing drugs are cheating but increasing your testosterone level on the court by 20% through the addition of another man is merely reflective of your intense competitive spirit.

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