It’s Official: Yahoo Sports Has Passed

Our pal Jamie Mottram recently left AOL Fanhouse, which he created and turned into a powerhouse, for Yahoo Sports. Looks like he made the right call.

Jamie Mottram

FAST COMPANY has a long piece this week on the rapid emergence of Yahoo Sports as the #1 sports destination on the internet. You heard us right, ahead of

Excerpt: “Yahoo beat ‘the worldwide leader’ in unique visitors in August, September, and November 2007, according to comScore Media Metrix. In the money game, according to a private Nielsen/NetRatings AdRelevance report obtained by Fast Company, both Yahoo Sports and generated about $80 million in ad revenue through the first three quarters of last year.

Those stats came before Yahoo plucked “Jamie Mottram (aka “Mr. Irrelevant”) from AOL, where in a little more than a year, he built ‘FanHouse,’ a group sports blog, into a powerhouse with 60 to 70 bloggers and 20 million page views a month. The hope is that the blog he’s creating for Yahoo incubates a breakout star akin to ESPN’s Bill Simmons.

Mottram will be a difference-maker for Yahoo if he can build a blogger staff akin to what he did at Fanhouse. Knowing Jamie, he’ll probably do it up bigger and better at Yahoo, as we’re guessing he has more resources. So far, we’re disappointed that Yahoo Sports has yet to create a specific area on its site for bloggers, like AOL’s Fanhouse. But as the blogging staff grows, that’s a good probability.

With the addition of MJD over there now, we’re visiting Yahoo Sports every day. A first for us.

Former SI NFL writer Michael Silver, who is loving it at Yahoo, wrapped the FC piece saying, “The vibe here is not timid. We’re here to bust down the door and smack some people around.

Slow down there, sport - sounds like Simmons & Co. are already getting a standing-eight.