It’s Official; Chad Ochocinco Is A Twitter Addict

Chad Ochocinco on Twitter

Well, Ochocinco’s self-imposed Twitter ban lasted about five days, which is four-and-a-half days longer than I thought it would. What fresh mischief is he planning, and more importantly, will we care?

The answers are shrouded in mystery. As mentioned in the Speed Read this morning, Ocho was quoted in the Associated Press on Wednesday that he would find away around Roger Goodell’s in-game Twitter ban on Sunday. Today he’s pretty much taunting the commish with vague hints of what’s in store, beginning this morning with:

Storm coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!about 2 hours ago from TwitterFon

Then, about 1 p.m., ET, we get this breaking news:

A dude got caught stealing my steering wheel, he told the police he was trying to turn his life around

I’m rooting for Goodell on this one.