It’s Never Too Early To Bet On The Patriots In 2010

Everyone and their mother puts a little money down on the Super Bowl. From absurd prop bets like the length of the National Anthem to casual pools at the office, you don’t need to be a degenerate to let money decide your rooting interest. It’s like a gambling bandwagon.

NFL Gambling

But that can turn veteran degenerate gamblers off. People who don’t know what they’re doing, moving the line in unexpected ways. It can be infuriating. But never fear: there are still ways to put that second mortgage to good use. While betting on Super Bowl 43 is pass√©, how about betting on Super Bowl 44?

The Patriots are the clear favorites to win the 2010 Super Bowl at 8-1, at least according to the offshore odds, which are just as good as Vegas but with better tax laws. But there are some more curious frontrunners. Those, and a look at last year’s odds (i.e. how much you could have made off the Cardinals), after the jump.

Decent bets at 10-1 include the Steelers (fine), the Giants (sleep easy Giants fans — oddsmakers think last year wasn’t just a fluke), the Colts (old habits die hard) and the Cowboys (even the bookies aren’t immune to getting suckered by the hype year after year).

The Panthers, Ravens, Eagles, Titans and Chargers are all at 12-1, which seems an obvious line for teams who are all but guaranteed to make the playoffs but will crap the bed 11 out of 12 times.

Sure signs coaching doesn’t matter as much as the media thinks: the Colts, without Tony Dungy, still favorites, and the Rams, with defensive savant Steve Spagnuolo, have the longest odds at 100-1. They share that distinction with the Lions, Chiefs and Raiders. But I wouldn’t go throwing away my money just yet -¬† wait til August, and those odds will go even lower.

To prove how much of a crapshoot betting the futures can be, it’s instructive to look at the numbers from this point last year. Of the favorites, only the Colts, at 6-1, even made the playoffs. The Patriots (11-4), Cowboys (6-1) and Packers (7-1) all cost someone their thumbs.

Which isn’t to say there’s not money to be made. I’m sure a lot of money was laid on the Steelers at 18-1, and at least one person must have taken the Cardinals at 45-1. Someone’s gonna git paid.