It’s Just About Time for 1988’s Most Exciting Event

That’s right folks. We’re mere hours away from crowning jewel of NBA All-Star Weekend — the Slam Dunk Contest and 3-Point Shootout, better known today as the Yawn Bore Snooze and the Change The Channel.

Maybe it’s because I’m old and crotchety, but I remember when the Dunk contest was cool. Michael Jordan. Dominique Wilkins. Spud Webb. Now I’m supposed to be enthralled by a Jamario Moon-Rudy Gay showdown? When you look at the contestants for the event 20 years ago and compare them to today’s participants, it’s no contest.

This year, it’s Dwight Howard, Gerald Green, Moon and Gay. Who were 1988’s dunkers? MJ, Wilkins, Webb and Clyde Drexler. The NBA should’ve just discontinued the event after that year.

When you get down to it, the Slam Dunk Contest is silly. If the NHL were to have a similar event in their skills competition, it’d be four guys skating up to an empty net and putting on crazy shake-and-bake moves to fake out no one before scoring. Dunking is super-easy if you’re in the NBA. And the 3-Point Shootout is just a glorified shootaround.

The NBA needs to spice these events up. My suggestion? Don’t let anyone above 6-feet into the dunk contest, and instead of a long-distance shootout, how about a four-man HORSE contest between the four-biggest vote getters that All-Star weekend? Now that I’m watching.

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