It’s Gotten To This: Booze For Free NHL Tickets

Tuffy spotted this fun NHL promotional ticket offer at a Phoenix grocery last night:

Booze for free NHL Ticket

So you buy a bottle of booze and you get one free ticket?

What happens when you don’t buy anything?

You get two free tickets.

In case you don’t know, the Coyotes are bankrupt, with the league now giving the team money to meet payroll (Wayne Gretzky’s $7M salary!) and other operating costs. Something we here at SbB saw coming long ago.

Expect those financial straits to become increasingly dire for the NHL and NBA. Which means the promos will only get more and more delightful.

Exhibit A.: Previously, I could only dream of a pro hockey team turning to porn to promote its product. But now, thanks Lehman Bros., my dream is now somehow real.