It’s Fun To Launch New Unis The Argentine Way

In America, we announce new team uniforms like this. The result is almost no one pays attention, and the ones who do just point and laugh. In Europe it’s even worse — as a man, I strongly advise you to not click on this. Seriously, don’t do it! You’ve been warned.

Recognizing that there’s nothing more awkward than the new uniform fashion shoot, a men’s pro soccer team in Argentina has decided to do something about it. The results are above, and isn’t that better? I’m a traditionalist, but my team can change its look once a month if they do it like this. More pics following the jump.

DIRTY TACKLE has the details:

Argentine club Velez Sarsfield held a gala event on Monday night to celebrate their title as 2009 Clausura champions and unveil their new kits. But unlike most clubs, Velez didn’t have their dopey players stand around on the stage like goons in the new kits. No, they were much smarter than that. They had what appear to be strippers model the kit tops — both new and old — without the shorts.


According to one of the DIRTY TACKLE commenters, the girl directly above is Argentine model Claudia Ciardone, also pictured below. You compare and decide.

Claudia Ciardone

Claudia Ciardone

Claudia Ciardone