Kellerman Gets Roasted For Mayweather Interview

If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if Deputy Barney Fife became a ringside television boxing reporter — and I know you have — then you need to see the video following the jump, below, of HBO’s Max Kellerman.

Floyd Mayweather, Max Kellerman, Shane Mosley

Kellerman has absolutely no intention of letting Floyd Mayweather speak following the boxer’s victory over Juan Manuel Marquez on Saturday. When Shane Mosley breaks in and wants to jaw with Mayweather, Kellerman does the broadcasting equivalent of fumbling in his shirt pocket for a bullet, before cutting Mayweather off completely. Reaction around the Internets has been pretty harsh on the former ESPN “Around the Horn” host.

At one point I though Kellerman was going to cite Mayweather for jaywalking. My favorite part, though, is when Mayweather grabs the mic and tells Kellerman “Let me talk — you do too much talking.”

Mayweather was just trying to be humble when Kellerman appeared to poke at him for fighting a smaller opponent (Mayweather had just beaten Marquez by unanimous decision). Kellerman basically called Mosley over, and then when Mayweather wanted to respond to Shane’s taunts, Kellerman started yelling things at him such as “Let’s concentrate.”

Kellerman is taking a little heat for this, especially on Twitter. It wasn’t a cool move when he took some shots at Mayweather a bit later during the broadcast when the boxer wasn’t around to defend himself.

“Before I even answer that, I just want to address Floyd’s behavior. It seems to me that in certain ways he can’t get out of his own way. I’m friendlier in my disposition to Floyd than most in the media because I enjoy pure boxers and he’s an all-time great pure boxer. And yet he seems to feel persecuted by even me, who really enjoys his craft.”

Kellerman was probably a little vexed that he couldn’t find the mute button. Controlling Mayweather is a little more difficult than deducting points from Woody Paige.

I don’t know if his gig at HBO is considered a step down, but Kellerman was once one of the most prominent faces/voices on ESPN. He left his ESPN radio gig “by mutual agreement” in 2008. But my favorite Kellerman Fail was when he appeared on a regular segment called “The Outsider” on the short-lived MSNBC political pundit show “Tucker,” with conservative bow tie-wearing host Tucker Carlson. What was that all about?

Then of course there’s this, from February:

But back to Twitter. Here’s my favorite:

The Only Thing Worse Than Max Kellerman’s Interviewing Skills is….: His rapping skills