It’s About The Same As The Lingerie Bowl Anyway

CAKE ROCKS THE PARTY has an epic post today on Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl™ IV, which is described on the network’s website (in rather boring detail) as. “We’ve traded in linebackers for labradors and quarterbacks for corgis and we’re releasing the hounds for PUPPY BOWL IV on Sunday.

Animal Planet Puppy Bowl

Sadly, Bryant Gumbel will be bathrobed at home for the big game, as “the renowned Harry Kalas, voice of NFL Films, returns to call the play-by-plays of this year’s game.

Thankfully, like any ever-vigilant, sports-themed website with an apparent furry bent, CRTP livens things up by breaking down the rosters (by offense and defense no less) for our amusement.

One oversight: How there aren’t any props on what quarter Abigail the Jack Russell runs off with an end zone pylon, we have no idea.