Golf Hall of Famer’s Bigotry: Wait, There’s More!

Earlier today I noted the recent, bigoted comments by World Golf Hall of Famer Carol Mann on a public Facebook page.

Carol Mann Removes Kareem As Friend From Wikipedia Page

Of Muslims, Mann recently wrote on her public Facebook page: “The United States is a Christian country, founded on Christian principles and with an expectation of Christian behavior. Let the Muslims erect their worship centers in other countries that are not Christian. Go away – soon!

Ironic that Mann would advance that agenda considering that her current Wikipedia page, along with a Facebook bio page, notes that, “she was a close friend of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.” (Above is a snapshot of Mann’s Wikipedia page taken by Google on August 18.)

Actually, since the friendship is listed in the past tense and Abdul-Jabbar is among the living, I guess it’s not ironic at all.

From Alan Bastable of Sports Illustrated’s

Personally, I’d be more interested to know what Kareem Abdul-Jabbar thinks. According to Wikipedia, Mann counts the Muslim hoops icon among her closest friends.

Mann’s religious intolerance in her Facebook entry didn’t not extend to overt racism. No, she’d already crossed that bridge with comments to Fox Sports last year.

In 2009 now-fired LPGA Commissioner Carolyn Bivens enacted a rule on tour that forced Korean players to learn english or face a suspension.

Here was Mann’s reaction to Fox Sports:

“I have friends who will turn the TV off or find other things to watch if Koreans are in the lead — a couple of weeks ago, there were seven or eight of them. (The LPGA) has to protect the business of the future and the television package … so I think it is terrific.”

So Mann’s “friends” predicate their viewing habits on whether or not a golfer can speak English? Is referring Korean players as, “seven or eight of them“, appropriate coming from one of only three “ambassadors” for the World Golf Hall of Fame and the 2008 winner of the PGA’s “First Lady of Golf”?

Before I unearthed Mann’s 2009 comments about Korean LPGA Players - thanks to a tip from Rick Chandler of’s Out of Bounds blog - Stephanie Wei asked of Mann:

And what does the World Golf Hall of Fame think about one of its three special ambassador’s stance?

“It’s Carol Mann’s personal website, so we’re not going to comment,” Jack Peter, the Hall of Fame’s Chief Operating Officer, told this site in a phone interview. 

After Mann’s comments about not only Islam but all non-Christian religions, and now these racist remarks about Koreans, sounds like World Golf Hall of Fame COO Peter is rapidly running out of places on the globe to send “ambassador” Mann.