Isiah Still On NYK Payroll But Barred From Players

Isiah Thomas has not been much of a coach. Or general manager. Or league owner. Or popcorn salesman. Or human being. Fair enough. Still, we don’t wish his current situation on anyone:

Isiah Thomas

By Donnie Walsh edict, Thomas isn’t allowed to have any contact with the Knicks players. No chatting, no eye contact, no sharing the same airspace. If he wants his checks, he’ll steer clear. And there’s plenty of checks left: he still has multiple years left on that contract at millions of dollars per.

So what’s left for Isiah at Madison Square Garden, exiled from all that he knew and cared about there? Why, he can still tell stories about the late-80s Pistons with James Dolan all afternoon while offering the same fake chuckle that got him the contract originally and die a little inside. From general manager and head coach of the jewel of the NBA to this guy’s li’l buddy:

James Dolan

Someone get Isiah a buyout fast before this turns tragic.

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