Isiah Thomas Appears To Be Guilty of Harassment

KNICKS’ THOMAS EXPECTED TO BE FOUND GUILTY IN CASE: Although the official verdict hasn’t been announced, it is expected that Isiah Thomas will be found guilty of sexual harassment.

Isiah Thomas

CBS NEWS reports that jurors in the case handed the judge a note on Monday, indicating they plan to decide against the Knicks’ coach and Madison Square Garden in the lawsuit brought about by ex-employee Anucha Browne Sanders.

Sanders was suing Thomas and the team’s parent company for $10 Million. She said she suffered unwanted sexual advances by the coach, then was given the pink slip in 2006 when she complained about the treatment.

Jurors had reached decisions on 8 of the 9 questions on the jury form, deadlocking on the issue of Isiah having to pay punitive damages to the accuser. The judge postponed deliberations until Tuesday, when the official verdict will likely be announced.