Isiah Rumors May Have Sparked Knicks’ Upset Win

Isiah Thomas isn’t going anywhere - at least according to Isiah Thomas.

Isiah Thomas suit

1010 WINS passes the news that the Knicks president & coach plans to stay in his positions, despite weekend rumors that he’s ready to leave the sidelines.

The NEW YORK POST reported that an unnamed source said Thomas was thinking about quitting his coaching post so he could concentrate on his presidency. But Isiah denied such claims, saying, “That was a lie. That was just a flat-out lie. I would never, ever, ever quit. Ever.”

This does verify his earlier promise that he’ll “win or die.”

But the thought of Thomas taking flight may have provided inspiration for the New York b-ballers Sunday night.

Knicks Pistons

The Knicks upset the Detroit Pistons, 89-65, holding the Motor City squad to their 2nd-lowest point total ever.

Fans were in a fine mood at Madison Square Garden. Not only did they actually see the home team win, they were treated to the sight of the Giants beating the Cowboys on the scoreboard. When Tony Romo’s last pass was picked off in the end zone, the MSG crowd roared loudly and gave a standing ovation.

We’re surprised Knicks fans still remember how to cheer, since they haven’t been given the chance in a long time.

UPDATE: Video proof of the Giants game at the Garden.