Isaac Hilton Has Your Quickest Ticket To The CFL

Thanks to YAHOO! SPORTS O.G. Michael Silver, Isaac Hilton will now forever be known as the pro football prospect with the surest way to the Canadian Football League. Not able to take the pressure of having his measurements taken and his body analyzed like a blogger examining photos of Erin Andrews, Silver reports Hilton let loose:

Isaac Hilton Pee Pee Pants

“The poor kid pissed himself,” recalls one scout who witnessed it. “He was standing up there … and it all just came out. Craziest thing I’ve ever seen.”

This weekend we’ve being enjoying looking for the next Isaac Hilton or Mike Mamula on the NFL Network.The most exciting part of the combine should be the inevitable video of a coach falling asleep in the crowd:

Mike Sherman

Nice to know Mike Sherman now has some free time to get that sleep apnea cleared.