Isaac Bruce Expects 49ers to Score 8 TDs a Game

It’s become a normal occurance in the NFL, happening with about the same frequency as a leap year. Once a new player gets a gander at the insanely in-depth offensive playbook of “mad genius” Mike Martz, they suddenly think they’re playing Madden on beginner mode and start talking about how they’ll take the league by storm this year. This year’s a bit different however, seeing as the player who’s drinking the Kool-Aid has already drunk it once before: The ancient Isaac Bruce.

Isaac Bruce

In an interview with the SACRAMENTO BEE, Bruce, signed by the 49ers almost exclusively for his previous knowledge of the epic Martz playbook, says he expects the team to score 56 points a game. Fifty. Six. Points. A. Game.

“But even Bruce, a longtime Ram, says the system compares well to the offenses Martz used to run in St. Louis. How well? Bruce said he expects the 49ers to score eight touchdowns a game. Is that realistic?

“Yeah,” Bruce said. “Realistic for me.”

While I’m still not sure what that last sentence means - “realistic for me”? Huh? - to give you a sense of what kind of step-up scoring 8 TDs a game would be, let’s look into the record books and see what the Niners did last year:

The team scored a whooping total of 219 points all last season, dead last in the NFL. Divide that by 16 games and you get 13.68 points a game, or just a shade under 2 TDs per Sunday.

Will Martz really make a difference of about 6 TDs a game? Color us skeptical.