Is Tiger’s Discolored Tooth Result Of Elin Attack?

On Dec. 7, 2009, STAR Magazine reported that Tiger Woods had one of his teeth broken by a phone thrown by wife Elin Nordegren as part of a confrontation that preceded the golfer’s infamous Thanksgiving night accident. (Star Magazine is the sister publication to the NATIONAL ENQUIRER, which broke the first Woods infidelity story.)

Star Claimed Tiger Woods Suffered Broken Tooth Thanksgiving Night

If you examine photos of Tiger Woods from this past week in Augusta at The Masters, you’ll notice that the color of his left front tooth is considerably different than the rest of his teeth.

  Tiger Woods Fake Tooth In 2010

(Attack or plaque?)

So does that discoloration confirm Star’s contention that Elin damaged one of her husband’s teeth?


Here’s a photo of Woods at the Buick Open in August, 2009:

Tiger Woods Discolored Front Tooth In 2009

And a photo of Woods in 2006:

Tiger Woods fake tooth 2006

Whatever the reason for the discoloration, be it an old implant or veneer, the golfer’s left front tooth was in that condition before the Thanksgiving night accident.

So that confirms two things that Elin didn’t wing at Tiger. A phone or a toothbrush.