Is Tiger Still Seeing Uchitel? Allred: “No Comment”

There’s been plenty of reports the past week that alleged Tiger Woods mistress Rachel Uchitel (photos) recently traveled to Palm Beach to reconnect with Woods, who is reportedly now living on a yacht based in North Palm Beach.

Gloria Allred Rachel Uchitel

Today Uchitel’s attorney, Gloria Allred, claimed to set the record straight on why Uchitel was in Palm Beach. From

Uchitel’s attorney Gloria Allred tells Hollyscoop exclusively, “Rachel is in Florida because she has family there.”

Uchitel does have family there, but it’s what Allred didn’t say that might’ve tipped her hand on what’s really going on between Uchitel and Woods.

When asked if Rachel and Tiger are still in contact, Allred said her client had “no comment” about the reports.

One of two things is behind that response. Allred either knows that Uchitel is still seeing Woods and obviously won’t confirm, or she’s mum because she wants the media to keep hounding her ATM machine client.

My guess is the latter. Woods still has plenty of endorsement deals ultimately worth hundreds of millions seemingly still intact. If smoking gun evidence surfaced that he is currently seeing Uchitel, it would dissolve his marriage in mere minutes and all that sponsor money would go up in smoke.

There’s no better media manipulator than Allred, she’s doing all she can to keep Uchitel relevant. For instance, how do you think the paparazzi knows where Uchitel is going to be walking around in Palm Beach every day? Uchitel has been shot by the shutter mob numerous times since she arrived back in the area late last week.

Allred or a pr flack hired by Allred is tipping the photogs to Uchitel’s whereabouts, to keep interest in the ‘VIP hostess’ restored.

Right now Allred is absolutely in perfect position. The Woods story has slowed to a crawl and the ravenous tabs will take any scrap they can get from alleged mistresses, no matter how inane. So Allred trickles out just enough dribs and drabs just to keep the gossips wanting more. Marketing 101, kiddos.

Allred has no interest in detailing what’s really going on with Uchitel, because she knows there’s nothing there, that the media would be immediately deflated about her client. So Allred keeps fomenting a myth. As she did today.