Is There Evidence Of Clemens at Canseco Party?

In what could be a fairly damaging blow to Roger Clemens’ steroid defense, the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS is reporting there is photographic evidence of Clemens at the now-famous Jose Canseco party.

Debbie Clemens Jessica Canseco Compare Racks

Apparently an 11-year-old boy had a camera and was taking pictures of all his heroes. It’s unclear whether the pre-pubescent lad had the occasion to get any rack shots. Still, investigators would probably take just about anything.

“The photo is owned by a young man who attended the party when he was 11 years old and took photos of his baseball heroes, including Clemens. Richard Emery, one of the lawyers for Clemens accuser Brian McNamee, was aware that such evidence had been circulating this week.

‘We have reason to believe it’s reliable evidence,’ Emery told the Daily News on Thursday. ‘We believe there’s photographic evidence that shows Clemens was at a party he says he wasn’t at.’”

Seems like a good age to learn about blackmail.

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