Is The Top Prep RB Transferring For Pregnant GF?

The number one ranked prep running back in the nation is transferring to a new high school in Lincoln, Neb., although he claims it has nothing to to with recruiting. David Oku is switching from Carl Albert HS in Oklahoma to East HS, and in the overanalyzed world of recruiting, fans from both Nebraska and OU are up in arms.

David Oku

But Oku says he’s not considering either of them, and that his list is made up of Auburn, Tennessee, Syracuse, and Ole Miss. To make this sideshow even more bizarre, the current buzz has it that his move has something to do with some “extracurricular activities” he got up to on an official recruiting trip. Let’s visit the seamy underbelly of the Internet rumor mill, with photo evidence, after the jump.

“It’s a better school, and it’s a better situation for me personally,” Oku said. “This won’t affect my recruiting at all. Nebraska has been a school I looked at before I moved. It doesn’t mean since I moved up here I’ll be going to Nebraska. I still got all of the other schools that I’m looking at.

“I honestly moved because at this school I’m given more classes and will better help me prepare for college,” Oku said.

But no matter how true that might be, it’s not a good enough story. What is a good story involves his girlfriend, who he met on a recruiting visit to Lincoln last year. Could he be switching school to be nearer to her? Could he be moving because she’s pregnant?

That’s not just idle gossip. SPORTS ILLUSTRATED went to far as to mention the possibility, and Oku felt obligated to deny it. So there’s more here than just rampant speculation.

SATURDAYS IN BLOGTOBER has gone a step farther, digging up (alleged) photos of Oku’s main squeeze. And I’m not going to say I wouldn’t consider moving to Nebraska for this: