Is Pete Carroll To Blame For Sanchez’s Injury?

As Randy Newman would say, there’s trouble in paradise for the USC: starting quarterback/teen heartthrob Mark Sanchez is fighting a knee injury suffered against Oregon that, as the LOS ANGELES TIMES reports, might keep him out of Saturday’s game against Arizona State and hand the keys of the Trojan offense to Mitch Mustain.

Mark Sanchez hurt

Or not. Just listen to USC offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian on Monday, as he gave one of the most confusing injury reports in sports history:

“We’re going with the mentality that Mitch is the guy or Mark’s coming back late in the week.”

Really useful. I’m also going with the mentality that I’m going to be watching the game this Saturday or I’m going to drop dead from a heart attack after eating a double-double from In-N-Out before the game. Just to cover my bases and all.

Sanchez was hurt throwing a third down pass late in the third quarter with his team leading 37-10. If this was almost any other coach in the country, who didn’t have the cult of personality that Pete Carroll has, he would be facing a firestorm of questions right now about why his quarterback with an already gimpy knee was in the game in the first place.

But knowing Sunshine Pete, this is just another awesome opportunity for Mustain to show what he can do, and it can be awesome for the team and awesome awesome awesome until you want to puke your guts out all over the floor. Between this and the litany of losses to lesser teams, might we start reaching a point that USC fans and the LA media might start - gasp! - criticizing the Teflon Coach?

(Unless Coach Carroll’s wife lays her healing hands on Sanchez and he’s ready to go on Saturday - then all is forgiven.)

The only good news for the Trojans? PITCHFORK NATION reports that the Sun Devils’ own starting quarterback Rudy Carpenter sat out of practice again, and may be out for the game. Starting in his place is Danny Sullivan, who apparently can do more than win the Indianapolis 500.