Is Ole Miss PAT Block This Year’s Bush Push?

As far as Urban Meyer is concerned, Florida’s game-tying PAT attempt in the fourth quarter of their 31-30 upset loss to Ole Miss on Saturday wasn’t the result of a poor kick or a mix-up in the line. He’s pointing the finger at Kentrell Lockett, the Rebels player who blocked the kick, saying he used an illegal move to make the play.

Kentrell Lockett

Meyer told the GAINESVILLE SUN that Lockett “hurdled” the line to get to the kicker, a play that is technically illegal. Shades of the Bush Push, anyone? Video of the play after the jump. The blocked PAT is about 50 seconds in (after jump):

According to Meyer, he tried to alert officials to similar plays earlier in the game, but his protests fell on deaf ears:

“It’s illegal to hurdle a player to block a field goal and we warned (an official) early and they did it the whole game,” Meyer said. “I grabbed the (official) on my sideline early in the game and I said, ‘Listen, they’re doing this,’ and the guy made a comment that (Lockett) went through a gap. The way we teach field-goal protection, there should be no gaps.

“It wasn’t John. They hurdled the protection, so we’ll find out (by watching film) if that’s what happened and I’ll tell them that that’s against NCAA rules. I don’t think the kick was low.”

You can watch the video and make your own conclusion. And looking at it, Meyer has a point. NCAA football rules are pretty clear - any time a defensive player leaps over an offense player still on his feet, including being in a three-point stance. And it’s pretty obvious that’s what Lockett did.

But at the same time, that wasn’t the last play of the game. Florida had one last chance to drive to field goal range, and couldn’t pick up a fourth and one. This with the reigning Heisman Trophy winner and human bowling ball Tim Tebow behind center.

Here’s a hint, Coach Meyer: don’t call long bombs with the game on the line and your team driving for a game-winning FG, and don’t draw up a fourth down play that sends your QB right into the back of an offensive lineman, and you don’t have to worry about blocked PATs.