Is NFL’s Mr. Irrelvant A Pitchman Or A Placekicker?

The NFL Draft has just come to a close, and one of the great traditions of the draft is the crowning of “Mr. Irrelevant,” otherwise known as the last pick of the entire draft. The “winner” of this honor gets to spend a week in Newport Beach and is awarded something called the Lowsman Trophy at an actual banquet that concludes a celebration called “Irrelevant Week.”

Billy Mays and Ryan Succop

And, I’m proud to announce that this year’s recipient of the tremendous honor is none other than… Billy Mays?

wikipedia Mr. Irrelevant Billy Mays

Oh, those silly Wikibombers or whatever they are. The actual answer is South Carolina kicker Ryan Succop, pictured above with some fine ladies. Mays might’ve made a pretty good receiver, though, especially if he got to wear Mighty Putty on his hands.

Succop had a decent run as the kicker for the Gamecocks, but he only hit 20 of 30 field goals as a senior. He did, however, connect on 29 of 37 over the two previous seasons and was a Lou Groza Award semifinalist as a sophomore. He was also the punter, and as I recall they did a lot of that at South Carolina the last couple of years. Last year’s Mr. Irrelevant, David Vobora, is the only one this decade to make an NFL roster. Vobora actually started a couple of games last year at linebacker for the Rams.

So congrats to Succop. Although, from the look of this photo, he’d be doing just fine anyway:

Ryan Succop Mr. Irrelevant

NOTE: I stand corrected on Vobora being the only Mr. I to make a roster this decade, as Ramzee Robinson apparently has played for the Lions, including getting a 15-yard taunting penalty in the final game of their 0-16 season.